Behind Our Brand

 Some people believe a coastline is the ideal wine country

We happen to agree. Grown and produced in the maritime region of Napa and Sonoma Valleys, Sea Bird Wines is a perfect blend of sunshine, land, and sea that delivers boutique expressions of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.

We believe a great wine doesn’t need a famous name. It just needs to be…great. Greatness happens when nature cooperates, winemakers let the earth do its job, and the highest quality ingredients blend together. The wine is truly complete when you are opening a bottle of Sea Bird Wine with your favorite people, whether it’s 2 or 20. That is what we call a perfect ecosystem.

Our grower partners are producing some of the highest quality, sustainably farmed grapes across the Napa and Sonoma Valleys. With that, we are able to make small-production wines for you to enjoy on a daily basis.

Settle in, pour yourself a glass, and get to know us. We’re looking forward to taking Great Vines to Great Times™ with you.

Our Mission

Crafted with a bit of wild California winemaking spirit

Sea Bird Wines is a premium boutique producer of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon with an emphasis on the maritime growing regions of California wine country. Crafted with a bit of wild California winemaking spirit and a homage to Old-World practices, Sea Bird Wines can be summed up as your very own great time in a bottle.

But for us, just having a great time wasn’t enough. That’s why every bottle of Sea Bird donates its proceeds to the conservation efforts of non-profit organizations whose mission is to protect and preserve the natural habitat of marine animals. A Sea Bird is a reminder of how fragile our ecosystem is when human interference destroys these environments and the effects it has on a grand scale. Each bottle you enjoy is another round of Proceeds That Keep Them Flying to assure clean oceans, pristine beaches and safe, healthy sea birds for thriving maritime habitats. So next time you open a bottle, enjoy it over the setting sun and know that your good time is contributing to something more with every glass.


The Wines


The Great Vines 

Broken Rock Vineyard

2013 Broken Rock Cabernet

2012 Broken Rock Cabernet

2011 Broken Rock Cabernet

On the eastern ridge of Napa near Soda Canyon and Atlas Peak sits a 48-acre vineyard growing our ideal expression of Cabernet Sauvignon. Basking in warm afternoon sun, the vines here are getting a blended balance of rocky, volcanic soil and mountainside western exposure. The result is perfectly plush tannins and a rich mix of red and blue fruit.

We use fruit from the Broken Rock Vineyard in our Seabird Cabernet Sauvignon, and each vintage brings more complexity than the next. Our take on a Napa Bordeaux blend brings in a touch of Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and Petit Verdot to round it all out and bring in the Good Times. Stick your nose in the glass to experience notes of black cherry, cola, vanilla and a dash of white pepper.

Robert's Road Vineyard

2015 Roberts Road Vineyard Chardonnay

2014 Roberts Road Vineyard Chardonnay

2013 Roberts Road Vineyard Chardonnay

Cool coastal morning fog, warm afternoon sun, and the maritime breeze is the recipe for our Roberts Road Chardonnay at the edge of the Sonoma Coast AVA. Sitting just 241 feet above sea level, this rocky alluvial washdown with tracks of gravel challenges the grapes and lends a structure and richness to our Chardonnay. With up to 14 different clones coming from this 130-acre area, each vintage is a single vineyard selection of cool climate Chardonnay that impresses a crisp fruit-forward profile and full-bodied mouthfeel.

G3 Vineyard

2015 Poseidon Cabernet Sauvignon G3 Vineyard (coming this Fall)

2014 Poseidon Cabernet Sauvignon G3 Vineyard

The G3 vineyard is a ripe piece of Napa history, originally planted in 1895 by Thomas Rutherford. Having changed hands through Georges de Latour and currently owned by Andy Beckstoffer, fruit from this property produces some of the most sought-after wine in the world. This 300-acre plot is producing the rich, elegant wines that we know and love about the Valley floor. Gravelly loam soils bring together profiles of cassis, cedar, and cherry flavors with a dash of the iconic “Rutherford Dust” characteristic that is often touted as “classic Napa Valley” wine. The King of Cabernet meets The King of the Ocean in our flagship wine, Poseidon.

Courtney's Vineyard

2016 Chardonnay Santa Rita Hills

Nestled in between the towns of Buellton and Lompoc in Santa Barbara County, Courtney’s Vineyard sits on a hillside property right limestone soil. Located within the Santa Rita Hills AVA, this vineyard is 52 acres of cool, coastally influenced grape growing. We believe that this is the way Chardonnay should be; a delicate opulence, plenty of structure, and a minerality that braces your palate with Asian pear, guava, and a balanced acid profile.

Sonoma Stage Vineyard

2013 Sonoma Stage Pinot Noir

2012 Sonoma Stage Pinot Noir

As the sea breeze travels from the Pacific and San Pablo Bay channel along the Petaluma Gap, it wafts across the Sonoma Stage vineyard. Sitting 300 feet above sea level between Petaluma and Carneros, this Sonoma Coast AVA captures the essence of the sea with just the right amount of chill for our expressive Pinot Noir each vintage. The morning fog, air-conditioned afternoon winds, and challenging soil profile bring together an elegant expression of this varietal with classically Pinot notes of strawberries, ripened plums, dark cherry and cacao powder.

Award Winning

Proceeds That Keep Them Flying

Sea Bird Wines is founded on the belief that you can’t make great wine without a little influence from the ocean. We carefully choose our single vineyard selection wines with this in mind. Vineyards like Sangiacomo Roberts Road and Sonoma Stage benefit from early morning coastal fog and warm sunny afternoons that lead to a long, even ripening over the season. The integrity of these high-quality vineyards wouldn’t be the same without the maritime influence.

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As holidays approach, we have a lot to be grateful for at Sea Bird Wines. Great wine, great company to share it with, and a beautiful place on Earth to enjoy it…what else can you ask for? As the holiday season approaches, there are so many opportunities to be a conscious consumer and shop with boutique brands that are contributing to a more sustainable footprint on the world.

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