Sea Bird Wines is a premium boutique producer of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon with an emphasis on the maritime growing regions of California wine country. Crafted with a bit of wild California winemaking spirit and a homage to Old-World practices, Sea Bird Wines can be summed up as your very own great time in a bottle.


Like the best things in life, the creation of Sea Bird Wines came naturally. Sea Bird Wines is the inspired brand crafted by Patrick and Becky Durbin.

Toasting their 10th Anniversary, as a gull flew overhead, they were struck by a vision of their next phase of their lives together. A winery that makes wine for enjoyment as well as a higher purpose. Sea Bird Wines came out of its shell and into the world as a vision of fun, easy drinking wines to enjoy whenever, wherever.

Patrick Durbin is responsible for all aspects of wine production and operations, collaborating hands-on with the winemaking and cellar teams to assure every drop of Sea Bird Wines is ready for great times. He has an extensive background in science and business and is a UC Davis Extension-trained winemaker.

Becky Durbin is in charge of customer relations and communications, keeping you informed of all the great things happening within our winery. She brings her proven entrepreneurial spirit, relentless attention to detail and endless enthusiasm.