In our second edition of Retail Therapy, we’re pouring up a glass of two of our single vineyard Pinot Noir bottles and choosing the perfect Pinot Noir Pairings to *add to cart*

Sonoma is home to one of the top regions in California to grow Pinot Noir. In fact, as of 2018, there were over 13,000 acres of Pinot Noir growing in Sonoma County, making this varietal 20% of the region’s production. Home to the Sonoma Coast region, this area hosts one of the coolest sub-appellations that lends itself to ideal growing conditions for this picky grape. Even though most vineyards are miles inland from the Sonoma Coast line, they benefit from the cool, foggy mornings, moderately warm afternoons and cool evenings that preserve the acidity of the Pinot Noir grape while maintaining and lively fruit character.

As a micro winery, we select our grapes each vintage from vineyards who have cultivated their wines to the highest quality. We choose the best of the vintage and allow the quality of the grapes to do the work from cellar to bottle. In 2013, we selected fruit from the Sonoma Stage Vineyard sitting just between Petaluma and Los Carneros at the southern end of the Sonoma Coast AVA. In 2014, we sourced from a house favorite, the Sangiacomo Robert’s Road Vineyard. Each bottle is true to its region, and not only expresses its terroir, but the highlights of the growing season itself.

Whichever bottle you choose (when in doubt, do a side by side tasting of both, of course!) and check out our Retail Therapy Guide, Pinot Noir Edition to add the perfect accoutrements to your Pinot Noir sipping adventure.

Go Vino for Sustainable Outdoors-ing

We may be eating out at restaurants less now, but that’s not stopping wine-time. So instead, we’re packing up bottle of wine into a S’well Bottle, laying out a blanket on our favorite outdoor spot and sipping Pinot Noir out of these sustainable GoVino glasses for Date Night.

It’s a bonus that every time you reuse your GoVino glass, there is one less single-use plastic that we’re protecting from our oceans. That’s something to cheers to!

You Had Me At Pinot Noir Shirt

Is it even wine time if you’re not wearing this shirt? We’ve traded our “going out” outfits to this cozy stay-at-home outfit and we’re perfectly content sipping from our couch and feeling so comfy.

ReWined “Barrel Aged Pinot Noir” Candle

This earthy, complex candle “mimics the ground that produces it” which is wine speak for terroir which is more wine speak for “tastes and smells like where it was grown.” As general terroir enthusiasts, we love the perfect setting this candle adds to our at-home drinking adventure.

Scratch & Sniff Wine Expert Book

We always say, the best way to become a wine enthusiast? It’s simple. The more wine you drink, the more enthusiastic you become! Enjoying wine is such a great hobby because you only get better at identifying wine traits by drinking more wine! We’re adding this scratch & sniff wine book as a fun activity to break open with our favorite wino buddy to get even better at identifying wine characteristics. Ahhh yes, we’re picking up notes of fresh cut garden hose already…..

You have all the simply add wine!

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