10 Gifts For Wine Lovers 2020

It’s safe to say that 2020 has certainly been a doozy! If there’s ever been a time to treat a friend of a loved one (or yourself!) to a gift for the holidays, it is now.

If you’re searching for gifts for wine lovers, we’ve collected a few of our favorite things to share with your nearest and dearest this holiday season.

If you’re thinking about adding a bottle of Sea Bird Wine with your gifts this year (10/10, highly recommend!) you can gift with joy knowing that the bottle you send is going back to the planet as well. All profits from Sea Bird Wines are donated back to marine wildlife habitat conservation efforts. It’s our core belief that you can’t make great wine without the help from a healthy ocean so we are full of gratitude to do our part. So go ahead, throw an extra bottle in for yourself while you’re at it.

Riedel Buffing Glasses

Linty, smudgey wine glasses are not a vibe. Gift a pack of these buffing glasses to a wine lover who is also kind of a clean freak and watch them get excited because #adulting is happening big time.

Porch Pounder Sweatshirt

Wine geeks know a “porch pounder” is a low-alcohol, light bodied wine that sips perfectly with or without food. The queen of Making Wine Approachable, Samantha Sommelier, launched her own march line this year ripe with sassy wine swag tees and pullovers and we can’t get enough of them!

Take it a step further and book a private virtual wine tasting with Samantha for an “experiences over things” kind of gift!

Porch Pounder Sweatshirt

Vintorio Wine Aerator

The only wine “gadget” that you need besides a corkscrew is definitely this Vintorio aerator pourer. You might have seen your friendly tasting room pro using one of these on your last visit to your fave winery and it’s for a reason! Help open up a young red wine (a little Broken Rock Cabernet Sauvignon, anyone?!) with this bottle-top aerator that keeps drippage at bay.

Wine Aerator

The Gift Of Ocean Royalty

The latest vintage of 2016 Poseidon Cabernet Sauvignon and 2016 Aphrodite Merlot is the ideal gift for a Napa Valley lover. Luxurious, limited, and lovely, this dynamic duo is a top tier expression of the Napa Valley region and with limited production, they’re exclusively available through our online shop – perfect for your giftee who loves a little exclusivity.

Poseidon and Aphrodite

Custom Wine Glasses

The perfect gift for your introverted friends. They’d invite you over for a glass but….does that mean they need to put pants on? Maybe another time…

Social Distance Wine Glasses

Wine Bottle Stoppers

We hear that there are people out there who don’t drink the “whole bottle” in “one sitting” so for those people, we applaud you. These wine stoppers are for you to save that bottle for tomorrow.

Wine Bottle Stopper

Wine O Glass Trackers

The time where we had groups of friends together in the same room to drink wine may be a fading memory, but we’re here to bring back hope that such a time will return into the New Year. These felt wine glass tags are very chic, minimalist and make us yearn for the days when you went around asking “wait, is that my glass or your glass??”

Wine O Trackers

California State Of Wine Cork Collector

Wondering what to do with all those corks you have stashed in your pantry that you don’t want to throw away? Skip the crafting and collect them all in this handmade cork collector with Wine Country Lifestyle vibes.

California Cork Collector

Wine Art

Elysia Myers takes everything you love about wine, and turns it into art and it couldn’t be more perfect. Know a friend who has a blank wall that could use some inspiration? Elysia’s prints are all made with her proprietary wine paint, taking varietals and mixing and matching them into a dreamy landscape.

Bonus points: take it another step further and book a virtual wine & paint night with Elysia – everything you need for a super fun at-home date night or girls night arrives straight to your door so all you have to do is sip and get inspired!

elysia myers wine art

Rewined Wine Candles

These candles capture everything we love, these up-cycled wine bottle candles that mimic the scent of wine for sustainable wine vibes all around.  Perfect for your hostess-with-the-mostess type friends who know the value of ambiance (hint: it’s #priceless).

Rewined Merlot Candle

Memorial Day Weekend Fun with Sea Bird Wines

It’s the best long-weekend of the year as Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. It’s the perfect time to kick back, pop open some bottles, and enjoy time with friends and family.

Need some inspiration to curate a backyard BBQ that will really kick off the best summer yet? Here’s our top tips for a Memorial Day party filled with fun and, of course, great wine.

Ditch The Plastic
Opt for simple clean-up that’s easy on both you, and the environment with alternative green disposables like these bamboo cutlery sets and eco-friendly compostable plates.

Red or White?
Trick question. It’s both! Keep both options available to guests for easy drinking and pairing with everything on the menu.

A smooth white wine with bright acidity like Sea Bird Wines 2015 Sangiacomo Robert’s Road Chardonnay is a great option for a bright warm day. Keep it at cellar temperature (that’s a cool 52 degrees!) and sip all day long.

For red drinkers, opt for a wine with lighter tannins and a fresh vibrant red fruit profile like Sea Bird Wines 2014 Sangiacomo Robert’s Road Pinot Noir.

The best part of bringing out a few bottles of Sea Bird Wines is not only showing your guests a boutique, small-production wine they might not have heard of (yet!) but also knowing that the proceeds of our wines go back to supporting marine habitats. It's an easy excuse to open another bottle...or two!

Mix Up Your Grill Options
We’re not saying cut it out entirely…but it’s hard to argue with the facts. The dramatic effects of reducing red meat consumption even one day a week could save as much as 900 gallons of water, and the energy equivalent of 5 weeks worth of driving fuel. Take the opportunity on Memorial Day Monday to sub in extra veggies with fun recipes like this Mixed Grilled Vegetables with Fontina Fonduta.

Even better? Take advantage of your outside grill to serve up a sustainable fish in place of red meat! Use a reliable source like Seafood Watch – funded by the Monterey Bay Aquarium –
to consciously shop for a low-impact seafood source to fire up on the grill.

Graze Away
Keep the hangry at bay, with the summer fun and guests arriving at different times it can be hard to pin down everyone for a sit-down meal. Instead, keep a grazing board stacked with a variety of fruit, cheeses, crackers and charcuterie to make sure that everyone has something to keep them fueled through all the fun.

Trade Screen Time For Green Time

Whether it’s a grown-up party or we’re bringing all ages out, a sunny summer day is the perfect time to leave the screens inside and get out on the grass to play.

There are two times when “bigger is better”: when it’s a magnum bottle of Sea Bird Wine, and when it’s a life-size version of yard games! Super-size your lawn game fun with Jumbo Jenga, Giant Wood Rolling Dice, or even this Collossal Size Checkers Rug to bring out everyone’s competitive side.

Raise a glass and a toast to spending time with friends and loved ones…and the start to the best summer yet.

Having fun with us out in the world? Don’t forget to tag your glass with #seabirdwines and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more tips and summer fun all season long!

4 Ways To Save The Environment This Holiday Season

We have a lot to be grateful for this year at Sea Bird Wines. Great wine, great company to share it with, and a beautiful place on Earth to enjoy it…what else can you ask for? As the holiday season approaches, there are so many opportunities to be a conscious consumer and shop with boutique brands that are contributing to a more sustainable footprint on the world.


The CDC reports that Americans throw away 25% more trash between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve than any other period of the year. The plastic and paper waste is overwhelming and impacts our oceans the hardest. Our every-day ecosystem depends on the resources from our coast in ways you might not expect; a healthy coastline gives us everything from the food we enjoy, clean air to breathe and (most importantly) great wine grown with coastal influences from regions like Napa and Sonoma. That’s why this holiday season we are bringing you more ways to help preserve the planet while still serving up the fun.


Ready for some inspiration? These are a few ways that members of The Flock can help create a more sustainable holiday season:


  1. Volunteer for coastal cleanup

Around the holidays, there is an abundance of opportunities to serve your community and give back. Some of the most overlooked volunteer opportunities can be clean-up work. The pollution of our oceans impacts the health of our communities inland. Search for volunteer opportunities from coast to coast through a non-profit resource like Ocean Conservancy.



  1. Reduce wrapping waste by using eco-friendly wrapping paper

If every American family wrapped only 3 presents in recycled materials, we could save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields this year. Zero-waste wrapping paper is trending this year, and is not only great for the environment, but extremely chic when done tastefully. Save items such as newspaper, scrap fabric, a patterned men’s button-down or a vintage scarf for wrapping material. Up-cycle items like strips of scrap fabric, hemp, or leather cords for ties, and utilize fresh herbs and greenery like pine branches or rosemary for a finishing touch.



  1. Get creative with a gift for the kids

Kids get an excess of toys for Christmas, and most of them are mass-produced products made with plastic and packaging materials that lead to waste. If you’re gifting for a child this year, consider a gift that doesn’t come with batteries. Get creative with the gifts you have to offer and remember that time and memories are the best gifts you can give.


Your favorite book, a trip to the zoo with you, or a special date night voucher for a movie (their choice!) are presents that are unique, thoughtful, and are low-impact on the environment.


  1. Drink Sea Bird Wines

With so many options for wine to adorn your tables during the holidays, it can be a challenge to choose one that everyone will enjoy. By selecting a boutique California brand like Sea Bird Wines to shop with, you are able to show up your average grocery store purchase for a crowd-pleasing selection with a story to tell. Mom can enjoy a glass (or three) of Robert’s Road Chardonnay and Cousin Joe will tell you all about the tasting notes of our silky-smooth Sonoma Stage Vineyard Pinot Noir (we hear he’s a Level 1 Sommelier).


Impress your friends and family with our award-winning boutique production wine while you sip and swirl with confidence, knowing that you made a mindful choice this season. The core value of Sea Bird wines is crafting a more sustainable future for us all. That’s why proceeds from every bottle are donated to non-profits dedicated to protecting and preserving seabird habitats on coastlines all over the country..


Contributing to a better environment can be as easy as buying a few bottles of your new favorite wine.

And let’s be honest, by the time the holiday season arrives…you’ll be ready for easy.